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Top ‘Gilmore Girls’ Decorating Moments

4 years ago

The new Netflix miniseries revisits the 3-generation TV family. Join us on a tour of their homes and hangouts

I smell snow! Which means that after waiting almost a decade, we have returned to Stars Hollow, where kooky locals await. The new Netflix miniseries Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life centers around three generations of Gilmore girls — Lorelai Gilmore, who ran away from home in the ’80s as a single teenage mom; her daughter, Rory Gilmore, who now is all grown up; and Lorelai’s mother, Emily Gilmore, who is now a widow. A huge cast of quirky characters is back for the series revival, and many of the fans’ favorite locales haven’t changed a bit. Here are some of the design moments we enjoyed the most.


The inviting Connecticut farmhouse where Lorelai raised Rory and that she now shares with her partner, local diner owner Luke Danes, and her dog, Paul Anka, remained frozen in time with all the cozy clutter intact. In its first appearance in the miniseries, it is bedecked for the holidays.


Yes, you can go home again — a childhood bedroom frozen in time is always a treat. “Wow, it’s like a time machine!” Luke’s annoying daughter, April, left, says of 32-year-old Rory’s childhood bedroom. In the latest episodes, Rory, right, has hit a bump in her career path and moves back home.


Lorelai’s kitchen is the spot where many a mother-daughter heart-to-heart has taken place. This go-round, Rory finds that its yellow-and-white checkerboard linoleum floor is the perfect surface for late-night stress-relief tap-dancing. Like the rest of Lorelai’s house, the kitchen is full of quirky and charming clutter. She has very specific tastes.


Don’t let their slender bodies fool you — these two put away an inhuman amount of food. In this kitchen, Tater Tots go great with tacos and Tater Tots go great in tacos. And these Tot tacos are the perfect appetizer to nosh on while waiting for Luke to finish making two main courses for dinner.


The eldest Gilmore girl, Lorelai’s mother, Emily, misjudged the scale of this portrait of her late husband, Richard, when she commissioned it from the artist. Edward Herrmann, the actor who played Lorelai’s father, Richard Gilmore, passed away in 2014, but his spirit and very large image are present in this new season, in part due to this portrait. It can be seen clearly from two rooms away in the dining room scenes so that Richard still has a seat at the table.


In this town, Black White & Read Books serves as the movie theater at night. The love couch is the best seat in the house for Luke and Lorelai while viewing A Second Film by Kirk, followed by Eraserhead, and eating snacks that are not so discreetly smuggled in.


The new miniseries also visits the New York City townhouse of Rory’s ferociously ambitious overachieving friend, Paris Geller. Paris’ stair troubles are especially funny. Her five flights have cost her much frustration and the loss of a nanny. Also, bonus points that a woman named Paris has a big Eiffel Tower painting in her parlor.

“I can’t take these stairs…. This place is a vertical Armageddon,” Paris shrieks. “Five stories. And Doyle wouldn’t put in an elevator because it would ruin the architectural integrity of the building.”

ghjghjgHere we see Rory’s childhood best friend, Lane Kim, outside Lane’s mother’s shop, Kim’s Antiques. It is still the best place in town to get your granny style on. But remember Mrs. Kim’s rule: “You break, you buy.”


The biggest lesson from the show: Don’t put Marie Kondo’s philosophies into practice when you’re grieving. In my favorite scene, grieving widow Emily decides to toss everything that doesn’t spark joy and gets rid of all her clothes. Before she realizes it, she winds up wearing Lorelai’s old jeans with a Billy Squier patch on the butt and a Candie’s T-shirt.

Info: The original Gilmore Girls series aired from 2000 to 2007. The revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, was released Nov. 25, 2016, and is divided into four 90-minute episodes that are really more like movies: “Winter,” “Spring,” “Summer” and “Fall.” The original series and the revival are available for streaming on Netflix.

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